• Army of mentors could slash reoffending rates, says Jonathan Aitken in CSJ report

    Ambitious plans to slash the £11 billion-a-year cost of reoffending by recruiting an army of mentors to work with ex-prisoners are outlined in new CSJ report.

    Full report - Press release

  • Why we need a society of the second chance: CSJ Director delivers Tedx talk

    We need to transform politics and create a society of the second chance if we are to tackle entrenched poverty in the UK, CSJ Director Christian Guy said at a recent Tedx talk.

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  • Girls face brutality and exploitation in gang underworld, says CSJ

    Thousands of British girls and young women are entangled in a brutal gang culture where sexual exploitation, guns and drug-running are a daily reality, a new report from the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) reveals.

    Full report - Press release

  • Child poverty is everybody's business – CSJ responds to Government strategy

    The Centre for Social Justice has said it is disappointed that the Government has not been able to identify a new way of measuring child poverty – insisting that more needs to be done to tackle the root causes of disadvantage.

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