• CSJ responds to calls to decriminalise drugs

    A new CSJ poll of over 100 charities has found over two-thirds would be conAcerned if the Government decriminalised cannabis because they say it would lead to greater drug abuse.

    Press release - Report

  • CSJ launches Transforming Lives to Strengthen Britain: A Social Justice Manifesto for 2015

    Manifesto 2015 - Press release

  • Election Watch: CSJ policies to tackle poverty centre stage in campaign

    Dozens of CSJ policy ideas have been backed by Britain’s mainstream political parties in the run-up to the 2015 General Election.

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  • Prime Minister backs CSJ plan to tackle youth unemployment

    David Cameron has outlined Conservative plans to abolish youth unemployment – based on proposals put forward by the CSJ last year in the report the Journey to Work.

    The Journey to Work

  • This general election the most unpredictable in generations

    Both Labour and the Conservatives are running such negative General Election campaigns that it is impossible to predict the outcome – leading commentator Fraser Nelson has told the first of the CSJ’s pre-election breakfast briefings.

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  • ‘Legal highs’ incidents up more than 150 per cent in a year, CSJ data shows

    The Centre for Social Justice has uncovered new data revealing the increasing damage ‘legal highs’ are having on society.

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  • We need a revolution in the way we fight poverty

    CSJ Director Christian Guy has written about why we need to stop the welfare system from holding people back in a pre-election article for The Independent.

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  • Labour adopts CSJ plans to create dynamic ‘Family Hubs’

    Labour’s Shadow Education Minister has backed key CSJ proposals to support families and promote stability. The party says it wants to create new ‘Family Hubs’ in communities, which the CSJ called for in the report Fully Committed?

    Details - Fully Committed? - Blog

  • Wherever there are broken communities the CSJ is there finding fresh solutions – says PM

    Prime Minister David Cameron has backed the work of the CSJ as it celebrates its 10th anniversary. In a video message, the PM said he was proud to have worked with the CSJ since he became Conservative leader.