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% of fatherless households in Great Britain by level of neighbourhood deprivation

% of long term unemployed adults in Great Britain by level of neighbourhood deprivation

% of working age adults on out of work benefits in Great Britain by level of neighbourhood deprivation

CSJ research exposes vast inequality across Britain for a new Channel 4 Documentary

Poverty and inequality have become entrenched in Britain, allowing the rich to get richer with few opportunities for the poorest, according to new data prepared by the CSJ for an episode of Channel 4’s Dispatches presented by Fraser Nelson called ‘How the rich get richer’.

Dispatches asked the CSJ to collect data on the more than 40,000 British neighbourhoods, commonly known as Lower Super Output Areas. By using data obtained through analysis of public government records, freedom of information requests and modelling based on unpublished data provided by the ONS we found that poverty is about far more than just money.

The analysis of the statistics showed that households in the poorest areas have high levels of family breakdown; poor educational outcomes for children, especially in deprived communities; and a shocking gap in male life expectancy among different communities.


Poorest Million People

Richest Million People

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Fatherless households



Children in homes where no adult is in employment



Adults on out-of-work benefits



Households in social housing



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